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Relaxation - Brain Care

In today's modern world of a high stress lifestyle, we have almost lost the art of true relaxation that forms the basis for rejuvenating brain care. 

The video and music relaxation and reflections presented here illustrates how true relaxation and rejuvenating brain care can be achieved.

These music videos if entered into with an open and focused frame of mind produces an endorphin experience. Endorphin is a hormone that builds the neurological system as opposed to adrenaline that is a hormone for fight and flight that draws down on excess energy and creates cellular degeneration if used frequently.

Sharing these experiences of seeing what nature has unfolded is a way for me to unwind and to generate endorphin that comes from allowing oneself to have space in order to reflect, meditate and contemplate. These are mind and health building processes that in our modern world we do not get enough of.  Nature, even through focused observation, provides neurological and cellular health when carried out regularly; to take one out of the predominantly adrenaline-based modern world.  These videos seek to provide effective induction of endorphin for a busy person in the office who needs a short break to re-invigorate.


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If you enjoy the musical backing tracks used in the presentations, you can purchase it by clicking the direct links provided.