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The “Saĭd Business School” at “Oxford University” says that the corporate world is becoming more complex and Executives have to develop “Ripple Intelligence” to stay alive corporately. That is being able to visualize several events as they merge and being able to estimate and partially predict the likely outcome. The business school calls this the CEO Early Warning System

Try the Cognaissance program which specializes in enhancing cognition capability.


The Cognaissance program can:

  • Develop conceptualization and visualization at a very high level of performance
  • Give the executive tools of highly efficient critical thinking in order to move beyond bias to healthy skeptical doubt. This will enhance continual growth in your role
  • Help overcome old bad habits of doing instead of managing and gets the executive out of familiar comfort zones
  • Help executives to gain effective speed of execution, understanding the scope of the action and ensuring the focus is on that which is truly significant.
  • Give you more time at work to pursue your professional development; time to mentor successors. This leaves you free to progress
  • Produce Shorter working hours with more productivity and greater delegation capability
  • Encourage a better and more certain bottom line in times of uncertainty

Our program is usually aimed at CEO’s and EGM level corporates who wish to sharpen their brain capability skills. Today nothing is certain so why not try something new and different - Cognaissance!


Cognaissance is the only program of it’s kind where the cause is improved rather than the symptom.